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This project was created during a game jam with the theme: "Smartphones and Movement" (22-23 October 2016).

This game project is a bit of server/client code in node.js based on the IRCAM Collective Soundworks code: https://github.com/collective-soundworks .

The original game idea is the following: a player chooses a movement (involving their phone, which detects the movement), and does it. This produces a sound. The next player also chooses a new movement, but before they do it, they must repeat the first player's movement.This goes on, and at each player's turn (there can be any number of players), they must repeat the entire sequence before adding a new movement of their choice. When they fail to do so, they are eliminated. The last player standing is the winner. To keep the game feasible, there are 4 allowed gestures and their associated sounds are the 4 magical chords of pop music.

The sound allows to remember the sequence more easily: players can remember movement and sound. The point of the game is to create nice melodies collaboratively.

During the jam we didn't have enough time to create the whole game (partly because of issues with the gesture recognition library).

Instead, after launching the server, the phones connecting to it will play music in function of their movement (but with little precision). Using this project, 2 dancers performed a choreography during the end-of-jam presentation, producing enchanting music as well as movement.

Install instructions

Refer to https://github.com/collective-soundworks/soundworks-template/blob/master/README.md . This project follows from this template and other Collective Soundworks libraries.


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